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        Home > Product > Biscuit complete set production line
        YW-GYGLJ-(620-1000) type Roller feeder/YW-MTTS...
        Roller feeder machine is installed above the roller printing and forming machine trough, dough is conveyed here from lifting machine or other feeding form to the machine, then supply to roller printing and forming machine after the machine ‘s broken material mechanism breaks the dough, which can reduce the labor intensity and save labor costs. Dough hoist can promote the dough to the height the biscuit production equipment need,then put the dough into the hopper under the equipment or other ancillary equipment (such as roller feeder). This can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce labor costs. Lifting Form can reduce the occupied space.
        YW-PJ-(620-1000) type D shotcreting machine
        Used after biscuits leather forming, evenly sprays liquid slurry or syrup in the green surface. It can improve the cookie surface color, improve the cookies taste, make cookies and scatter the material bonding and increase varieties. According to the different process of slurry, the centrifugal or pressure type can be chosen.
        YW-ZDSL-(620-1000) type Vibration spreader
        This machine adopts vibration-type spreading material used in biscuits, to evenly sprays icing sugar, salt powder or other seasoning powder,achieving double frequency speed conversion, feeding amount can be adjusted.
        YW-GJ-(620-1000) type D Biscuit hanging machin...
        This machine is used in evenly smearing egg or other edible pulp in the cookies green surface, to meet the process requirements in color and taste of the biscuit.
        YW-YH-(620-1000) type D printing machine
        YW-YH-(620-1000) 型D印花機
        Printing machine is a special equipment for all kinds of patterns printed on the surface of tough biscuit. It can improve the aesthetic level of biscuit, increase varieties. Electric carving printing roller used can produce clear patterns.
        YW-XY-(600~1000) type D Xing Yuan machine
        Xing Yuan machine is special equipment in the production of apricot yuan cookies (egg yolk cake) .It is composed of feeding machine, forming machine and electric control system.This machine matching with the tunnel type steel baking furnace, installed in the steel belt (with the exception of feeding machine and control system), can continuously produce and forming size is adjustable
        YW-SX-800 type screening machine
        This machine is the supporting equipment for the production of granular cookies. Through screening machine, the adherent particle cookies and ones whose specifications do not meet the requirements can be screened out. Using aluminum template and stainless steel sheet metal parts, it is easy to clean and sanitary.
        YW-JX1-LB type Biscuit sandwich automatic conn...
        The machine for packaging automation after the biscuit sandwich is automatically sent into the pillow packaging machine through connecting the system .The machine is full automatic equipment,which ia both manual, and high efficient, of high yield, simple operation and wide adaptation range.
        YW-JX1-D1 type Biscuit automatic fast sandwich...
        Advanced inverter steplessly regulates speed, stable speed;.
        YW-JS1-D1S type Single row single layer double...
        This machine is improved, upgraded and improved collection advantages of similar products from the original models , which has many sandwich patterns , high rate of finished products and stable performance, and is the production of biscuits equipment characteristics.
        YW-DL-SJ dual rotor cream machine
        This machine is used for mixing the biscuit sandwich, cakes, cake with cream or syrup. It can set constant speed,where high speed and low speed can be set to automatically swap, and set the mixing time of high speed, low speed. With frequency conversion control and electric tipping discharge, it contains stainless steel barrel, stainless steel blade, stainless steel sheet metal parts.
        YW-JX1-D2 type single row double layer and dou...
        YW-JX1-D2型 單排雙層及雙色奶油、果醬功能餅干自動快速夾心機(改進型)
        This machine is a new generation of improvement based on old machine which is designed from the essence of sets of similar products .It has wide application range, reasonable structure, high rate of finished products and low failure rate, equipped with advanced electrical components, achieving more stable performance.
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