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        China's baking food machinery industry market is broad
        From:admin    Time:2015-7-29 17:17:26    Hits:1750

        With the growing concern about food safety issues, the main "pure hand, no added" baking products are more and more popular, although the price is expensive, but also not to resist the "baking off" their enthusiasm. Both enjoy dessert making happy at home to entertain, or set up personalized baking studio, "delicious expensive" is redefining people concept of baking.

        When more and more manual bakery in shopping malls, shopping centers, when the circle of friends micro store selling the dessert, biscuits more and more attractive, when 3 years old of children tell you the kindergarten kids eat cake mother personally do, you may found dessert is no longer spend 2 yuan, 3 yuan to buy a pineapple bread for breakfast, in the area at the entrance to buy 10 yuan a couple of pounds of honey cake, or is a cake shop in street picked a birthday cake so simple.

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