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        Prospect of food machinery
        From:admin    Time:2015-7-29 17:08:06    Hits:1574

        China food machinery development arduous and heavy responsibilities and vast space, the main reason is our country people's consumption of food is mostly from agriculture, unprocessed foods, every year due to lack of necessary food processing machinery food resources can not be directly to the processing, storage, preservation and caused the loss of up to billions of dollars, to deep processing and comprehensive utilization and cause resources waste and loss is higher, so food machinery in China has broad market prospects, the development of the future.

        China's food machinery manufacturing industry products, to keep up with the international advanced level of a lot of, but the real with independent intellectual property rights, has a technology innovation products are very few. Here said the word "with", is "follow-up" and even imitation, and innovation is very little. So China food machinery manufacturing enterprises from the angle of innovation, from the height of independent intellectual property rights to the development of new products, developed with the international first-class advanced equipment, so that to realize the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry upgrading.

        China's food machinery manufacturing industry has increased in recent years, food safety has become increasingly serious, equipment replacement has become a big trend, because of this, China's food machinery manufacturing industry in the future for a long period of time will maintain growth, and the degree of automation is increasingly high, as well as the rapid development of automation.

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